Missing Mentor

The Keep on the Shadowfell

Our adventurers returned to Winterhaven with many questions. Upon returning the tide in the air had changed. The villagers seemed spooked. The party was cautious with their actions and words – on the lookout for signs of Kalarel spy that had been revealed to them. A caravan of merchants had arrived in town. Not much of interest was found, mostly mundane wares. Along with the merchants Delphina Moongrem was selling flowers. When asked about goblins in the area she softly spoke of the great keep to the north. She would often pick flowers from around the keep but over the last few months she had seen goblins wandering in and out of the fallen structure. They moved on to speak with the head of the guard. The warriors guild was visited and the Regulars were training with the townsfolk. Ron Kelfem was approached with the news of the kobold rabbles demise. He was very thankful but could only refer to Lord Ernest Padraig for fulfilment of the reward. Padriag was glad to see the adventurers return but soon noticed concern, a sense of urgency. The reward was paid in full and the adventurers revealed to him their concerns of the cult activity along with their evidence – the letter found on Irontooth. They spoke of the keep to Padriag. He knew little of its history, only that it was a queer place that was bad luck to even speak of. After a heated discussion he agreed to hire the party to eliminate this threat to his people. He could only offer 250 gold and would need a few days to collect such an amount via taxes. The party then tracked down Valthrun the Prescient. The group began to reveal to him as well some of their discoveries. He seemed vary alarmed and brought them to his tower. There he consulted his tombs of history. The group heard the story of the once great keep. Long before their time a rift in the shadowfell was opened. Undead and demon legions poured from it ravaging the surrounding landscapes. The might empire of Nerath was eventually able to fight the forces back and its wizards magically sealed the rift. The keep was built upon the sealed rift to watch over it. Over the centuries the keep remained guarded but the nature of it became less and less known to the populous. People of the land no little about it, some steer clear as they have heard of its cursed happenings and the fall of Sir Keegan a once great paladin. The story of Sir Keegan was equally disturbing. He was head of the garrison looking over the keep. A man of great honor. One day, for no apparent reason he went shit balls crazy and began killing all around him in the keep. Was he mad? Did he know something the other didn’t? Eventually he was forced down into the keep where his guards killed him. After the killing of much of the guard and no true leader to watch the keep was then abandoned. Decades later a mighty earthquake cracked and fell the once great walls. Vathrun kept much of this information secret all these years, fearing that he may scare the populous around him. With some knowledge of Orcus he was terrified and agreed the help the group in any way he could. He was left with instructions to keep an eye out for the spy and at request agreed to scribe some rituals that may be useful to the group on their quest. The next morning the group picked up their rituals and headed out toward the keep. Once entering the group was met buy a group of goblins guarding the door. Combat ensued, pit traps where somehow avoided and eventually the group claimed victory. The began stumbling through the various barracks and wares rooms that were being used to house the goblins. Continuing their search they burst in on a hobgoblin and his lackey’s torturing and ridiculing a wiry goblin prisoner. The prisoner cried out cheering on the adventurers as bodies hit the floor around them. Upon his release the goblin begged for his life, offering to help the party. He appeared to have knowledge of the keep and despite being caught in a lie about the reasons for his capture the group decided to bring him along. Splug as he identified himself agreed to show the group to ‘The Fat One’. When asked about the large double doors close buy Splug alerted them that that is where the card games of the meanies are played but that he knew another way. Slug lead them down the nearby corridors and suddenly stopped. Placing his small hand in a crack in the dwarven stone a secret door opened. This startled the adventures having asked Splug about ‘secret’s only moments ago. Splug narrowed his brow proudly replying ‘This no secret, Splug know about THIS the WHOLE TIME!’. Amused the group followed him into the darkness.

Soon light was revealed to them again as another door opened in the pitch black revealing the sound of snoring. As the group peered in from their hiding spot they could seen a fat goblin sprawled out in his bed enclosed in a thick tapestry wall to drown out the noise of what lay beyond. After some discussion the group agreed to kill him while he sleeps. The Invoker stepped forth with the wrath of the gods in his eyes and orbs of crackling lightning in his hands. Unfortunately as he snuck forward to to bring down his will he tripped over a small chest at the end of the bed awakening the goblin! With bulging eyes and a cry of fear the fat one jumped out of bad and disappeared beyond the tapestries. The group followed quickly revealing to them two guards guarding what looked to be made the personal quarters of Balgron. Fortunately the very door that Balgron used to keep his rambling minions out lead to his undoing as he was unable to reach the lock and escape. DPS poored down from the adventures as they could hear goblins trying to break in after hearing the cries of their leader. They dispatched the other two guards just as the door was broken down. Goblins could be seen running hear and there, in and out as they began to take up arms having seen the corpse of their leader just beyond the battered door!



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