Missing Mentor

The Old Kings Road

The adventurers headed down the Old Kings Road toward the town of Winterhaven to find out what happened to Douven.

Just before reaching town, they where attacked by a band of Kobolds! The Kobolds where startled when Stormborn unleashed the power of his lightning dragonbreath. The rabble had only seen such magic from their powerful Wyrmpriests. The crackling and cries from the whelps alerted a few more heavily armed Kobalds to the front line. Sureley these where no mere merchants.

Just as the Kobold warriors began to engage the party a skulk tried to conceal his attacks from behind the rocky uprooted earth. To his dismay this became the source of his undoing as the spirits within the very stone itself errupted and tore the shamen to peices at the command of the shamen. At the site of their dying kin, a lone kobald tried to flee but was unable to escape!

The party continued on to Winterhaven where they quickly took refuge at Wrafton’s Inn. Over a meal they began to mingle with the locals. They met a local sage who was examining some trinkets he had bought off a traveling merchant. Being of little physical value, merely dice, they exposed Valthrun the Prescients interest in study of the world.

An old farmer name [[Eilian-the-old]] had visited with their mentor, then offering information on the dragon burial site. The adventures asked Ilian to replicate the map he had drawn for Douvenand he was happy to ablige.

The party left the inn after resting with a location on their map and rewards on their mind After telling the locals of the Kobold attack it was suggested to them that they talk to Lord Patriage as the town had been seeing an increase of raids as of late.

At Patraig Estate the party met Lord Ernest Padraig, Lord of Winterhaven. Apparently he had been trying to fight off the Kobold problem for some time. This primarily had been left to Ron Kelfem of the Winterhaven Regulars. Patriage somewhat reluctantly agreed to a bounty if the adventurers could rid Winterhaven of the Kobold problem, but urged them to speak with Ron as not to cause conflict between the Lord and Captain of his Guard.

Upon speaking to Ron at the Warriors Guild the party learned that indeed the Regulars had been having run-ins with the Kobolds. They however had not been able to amass a force strong enough to deal with the problem. Ron, looking for any help he could get, offered a possible location for the Kobolds hideout. The Regulars had been on guarding a grain run from the local fields when they where attacked. They had been unable to follow the attackers south into the woods because of their nubmers. They did however learn of the name ‘Irontooth’ from a whelp pleading for his life. Ron showed them on the map where things went down.

Rested up and with new information the party left town toward the location Ron had given them. As they left town they where again attacked, this time a greater force. This time the Kobolds lead an offensive with the assistance of one of their dark priests. The party still prevailed and exposed their true skills acquired since they had last adventured. Just before leaving, while searching the bodies of the fallen they found a strange obsidian necklace on the corpse of a wyrmpreist. It was a carving of a small dragon figurine. On the bottom of the figurine, etched was a symbol of a skull with the horns of a ram. Dread fell over the party as this was recognized as the symbol of Orcus- Demon lord of the undead!



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