Aurakus Stormborn

A Dragonborn Sorcerer. An outcast from his clan. He seeks to Make Io Whole again.


A dragon soul sorcerer that rips his opponents apart with lightning and drowns out the cries of those that would mourn them with thunder.


Born under the “Third Storm”, Aurakus was given the auspicious title of “Stormborn”. On the day he was to become a man he was to be taken into the prestigious rank of Bahamuts, “Archivers” partly because of his birth title and partly because of his lineage. His family knew this to be a great honor and Aurakus was excited as well to learn the words of Bahamut. That would never come to pass.

On his eighth name day the Senthef Empire of man sent riders to the Clan of the Golden Breath and even with their treaty of peace in place the riders gave the clan an ultimatum. It was this, “Allow us access to the secrets of your blood or let us find out the secrets of your blood as it spills from your throats.” These words led to war between the empire of man and the dragon clan.

The war lasted for 15 years and much was lost for the Golden Breath Clan. Dragonborn died as did men, ancient secrets and powers were stolen and lost forever. The Senthef Empire tried to use the secrets they had pilfered from the clan against them. The power of the dragon gods did not come easily to man. Many of those committed to use the blood of the dragons against the golden breath clan went mad or worse, a torturous death as their blood literally burned them from the inside.

The war ended. The Empire devastated by a constant war on many fronts. The Golden breath clan devastated as well. Shortly thereafter whispers started about a truth many in the dragon clan were not ready to hear. The secret was this. Bahamut was not the patron that made the secrets of the dragon blood burn in the blood of man. It was that of his sister Tiamat. It soon came to light that a small group of powerful sorcerer’s had turned from Bahamut in the darkest days of the war and looked to tiamat. A great purge happened and many of those close to Aurakus were caught on the “wrong” side of the actions taken by the elders.

Aurakus’ elder brother was part of the “dark cult of the snake queen”. Aurakus saw his brother for the last time one night as he was preparing to flee his homeland. His brother told him of the lies his teachers and father had told them all their life. That Tiamat was The dark shadow of Bahamut that she was the corruption to Bahamuts light. His brother told him that it was all a lie, that She was of his blood, that she was his other half split from him when a creature named “Io” was slain. He urged Aurakus to find the truth for himself and he apologized for the fact that he would not be around to guide him. That is when The brothers of Bahamut Came for him led to their home by aurakus’ father. Aurakus saw in his brothers eyes a broken heart as he was escorted away. His father looked on Aurakus’ brother with a sad anger.

His brother was executed on the order of his father after a long interrogation. Aurakus and his father were never the same again. His father became more and more suspicious and angry of all things, especially the activities of Aurakus. One night Aurakus was found sneaking into the library of the temple of bahamut. He was caught reading forbidden text’s that revealed that Io was the first dragon a true creature of power and he had been split in two by a primordial lord. He found that his brother was right that she wasn’t all the evil of dragon kind she was an aspect of a greater creature. He was brought before his father and with a fury his father beat him for reading the forbidden text.

After that night he was kept under lock and key, guarded day and night on his fathers orders. His mother saw how this was destroying Aurakus and she knew he needed to be set free of his fathers madness. She arranged for Aurakus to join an ambassador that was being sent to Whitebrick as an assistant. It made sense, he was very well learned and he was fluent in many languages but even still his father objected but he couldn’t speak out against the clan elder who happened to be Aurakus’ grandfather.

Aurakus has lived these last 3 years assisting the ambassador in whitebrick and also gathering any and all knowledge about Io and the primordials that he can.

Aurakus Stormborn

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