Thisalum Rockbreak

A surly Dwarf in tune with the earth and on a mission to destroy the Gnoll clan that ruined his life.


Thisalum Rockbreak or Thise to those few that he considers friends is descendant from a long line of Hill Dwarves that have quarried rock in the hills outside Mount Teril, home of his Mountain Dwarf kin. The Rockbreak clan once a proud clan, naturally in tune with the earth as a result of its centuries of working with it in the quarries, were followers of Moradin and more recently Muamman Duathal the deity of wanderers and expatriates, the Dwarven god of lightning.

Thisalum, in his 60th year, is of average height with huge corded upper body muscles cultivated by years working in the clan quarry. He has a thick reddish brown beard a source of pride to him and his face is cut with hard lines. He has kept his head shaved for the past 5 years, unusual for his age, which gives him a permanent look of sadness and mourning and is common as such in Dwarvern culture.

The quarry town of Thunderrock had always been a peaceful valley town surrounded and well guarded mostly by nearby mountains. The stone cut by the Rockbreak clan had always been in high demand due to the size and quality of the rocks quarried, which are used by wealthier land owners and cities for large projects.

In Thisalum’s 55th year his clan was decimated by an unusual warring clan of Gnoll Flinds decorated in leather armor with the visage of the demon lord Yeenoghu emblazened on their chests. It is thought by Thise that the Gnolls had inside help by someone in the mountains. The Gnoll’s destroyed the entire town and ferociously killed nearly every Dwarf including Thise’s father (the master mason of the quarry), mother, 3 older brothers, and his wife to be Laralum. Leading the Gnoll’s—a giant Gnoll Flind called Dreadbeast and a shadowed humanoid called Lord Valgroy both seen by Thise on the day of the villages destruction.

Life as he knew it had ended that day. His mistrust for the nearby mountains due to his theory on the attack and his fury for finding the Gnolls that destroyed his village has lead Thise to his current path. He now is a wanderer like his former deity Muamman and perfers living outside near urban areas in his search for clues to the destruction of his village and the unusual clan of Gnolls. While he still has some reverance to Moradin and actively seeks out religious posts for Muamman, he has publicly denounced them and has chosen to follow his primal inclination to the earth and to a lesser extent to lightning and the natural world.

Thisalum now looks to the power within and from nature and has begun to follow the path of the Warden. He has met few friends and is generally weary of most, but considers Aurakus Stormborn a good friend due to their similar interests in nature and lightning, and their backgrounds. As part of Thisalum’s self destructive nature due to his loss he is hard headed and not afraid to rush into battles, is fiercely loyal to those considered friends and allies, and has a fondness for strong ale, hearty food, and expensive prostitutes.

His journey will some day lead to the destruction of the Gnoll Flind clan, the truth behind the attack, his mastery of earth primal power, and finally the reuniting with his family, his wife to be, and true peace.

Thisalum Rockbreak

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